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Time to roll!

2008-08-01 14:53:14 by KuoryDaNinja

Greetings, fellow Newgrounders, Kereel's here!

Funny enough, I've been watching this place for like 4 years or so, but created an account here only in 2007, and making my first post just now. Most likely because I grew tired of this "Why not make one now?" thingy..

Anyhoo, you might remember me for my entry in MGC: Disc 01 which obviously sucks major balls about some random guy mashing the "O" button in his epic quest to prevail over the torture chamber. Hopefully you liked it more than me, because I've never worked with a pencil and such style before and I still don't get why the hell I made this way. To be honest, I think that's the biggest pile of shit I ever created in Flash. Guess I just wanted to try something new back then, I still continue to experiment with different techniques and my goal is to improve as much as possible.

At the moment I'm working on a bunch of projects simultaneously, so, it will take quite a time to finish them all. I'm just using the same strategy as Moosh(Great anime artist by the way! Check his stuff, if you still haven't). The point is, that as I work on some project, I'll eventually get bored with it, so then I'll move onto another one. Then onto another one... you get the idea. And once I get bored with that project, I go back to the very first one mentioned.

Right now, however, I'm working hard to finish 2 projects in August. I've just started my epic animation and multimedia course of studying in Vgeek(Russian's well-known uni where you can study that kind of stuff) and I already have a couple of animations which I gotta finish until the end of 1st semester. I'm really excited about that, but I'm afraid I won't be able to upload them as soon as I'll finish them because It will require some serious russian2english-subtitles-adding and I got other work to do + I wanna spend a lot of time on games, boobs, movies and boobs this summa :P

I wanted to participate in a NG collab but unfortunately, it failed, the idea was awesome though, hopefully it'll be reborn someday. I was eager to make something Madness-related for some time now, but not quite in the style you used to see in Madness toons and spoofs. You can check the example below. Oh well, I can always wait until the Madness day)

Well yeah.. I'm pretty much having huge plans for this year and years coming..
So, i guess no time to lose! Time to roll! Adventures await and stuff)



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2008-09-16 22:21:02

I loved your mgs collab submittion.. and your accent just made it all better! Its easily in the top 5 of the collab in my opinion.

That image looks awsome.. i love the style you gave the madness characters... good luck with that!

(Updated ) KuoryDaNinja responds:

Thanks a lot mate


2008-09-17 22:33:49

You've finally made a post. I can finally now comment! Once again, loved your MGS parody, had me rolling.

(Updated ) KuoryDaNinja responds:

Thx for your comment. Glad u liked it )


2008-09-25 01:48:31

Hey Kuory, lol I think you me and Moosh might have the same 'PADD' condition. I've got Keyblade Chronicles, 2 entries for Rudy's collab, and I'm actually cheating with the next official NG collab, I've got a Street Fighters submission under way. Good luck with your projects man!

(Updated ) KuoryDaNinja responds:

Heh, yeah, it's comfortable really ^^
Thanks by the way, and good luck to you as well )


2009-01-20 15:05:14

Remember me? I played MGS4. Itwas kind of a dissapointment, but the graphics and plotline were awesome. I liked MGS1 better. Better taste, less filling, y'know?


2009-10-13 06:59:53

Your part in the MGS Collab was damn funny man!


2009-11-28 06:17:48

cool i like them to be partners and i luv ur submission with mgs collab